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Tomas DeCastro and Alessandro Katz

Big, blond and beautiful muscle hunk Tomas DeCastro has formed a fascinating and unlikely friendship with slender twink Alessandro Katz. Of course, it helps that Alessandro lusts for Tomas, who is well aware of the "hero worship." While hanging out together one afternoon, the conversation turns to the subject of massage. One can only imagine how hot and excited slender Alessandro must feel when Tomas offers to give the twink the one thing he's wanted most from the moment he's set eyes on the blond bombshell. Tomas, clad in a sexy white and yellow jockstrap, wastes little time in getting his hands slippery with oil. He then proceeds to place his big hands on Alessandro and work his body nice and slow. It's a sweet and tender erotic massage, one that will have you breathless as you watch Tomas play Alessandro's body like a fine-tuned instrument, for a sensual massage with a romantic touch, a very happy ending, and a huge load splattered all over Alessandro's flat belly. But there's a twist. It comes when the big hunk is left alone to jerk off, fantasizing about his new friend and the things he'd like to do to the slender, handsome twink. Tomas spews a fresh load of his own, which left us wondering...does Tomas have a crush on Alessandro? We don't know and Tomas wouldn't say but we sure would love to see him pound the hell out of the boy!

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