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Neighborhood Nookie

For naughty neighbors Greco Rai & Andy Taylor, a pre-hump stroll around the hood was a great way to jumpstart the erotic juices and put them in the mood for makin' it. Once back at Andy's pad, a snogfest immediately ensues as the two boy beauties show just how anxious they are for action. Soon on his knees, Greco swallow's Andy's 8 inch Excalibur before Taylor orders him up and on to the couch. There, Andy buries his face between Greco's tight, round cushions. Don't miss a minute of this twinktastic tale as our stars prove that some of the most pleasing scenery can be best observed from your living room.

Colby Chambers & Mickey Knox Fuck! | Tube Clip

Colby Chambers and Mickey Knox are a real-life couple, literally head-over-heels in love with each other. Their sweet story starts before Mickey was even "out of the closet" growing up in the South. But that all changed when he met the confident, sexy, and very out-and-proud Colby. All it took was one look at each other in a bathroom urinal, and they became inseparable. As Colby says himself, he plans on them growing old together.

Gerardo Bartok and Alan Efron

Chest to chest on the bed Gerardo Bartok and Alan Efron share sexy tongue kisses, pinching and sucking each others nipples getting hotter and hotter. Gerard frantically jacks his uncut cock, finally standing on the bed so that Alan can start to choke himself on the fat mushroom head. Alan lays down on the bed Gerard looks him right in the eye with his mouth full. Sucking his dick and tickling and licking his ass. Gerardo slapping his dick against against Alan's pleasure hole teasing him with a wide, slippery tongue, Alan spreads his legs wide. Slowly Gerardo inserts a butt plug into Alan's little hole...and you understand why this preparation was necessary, once Gerardo starts hard, fast, pounding Alan's twink ass. Alan may be a bottom, but he likes a nice ride. He gets on top while Gerardo keeps fucking him. Balls to balls. Gerardo and Alan jerk each other 69 style. Gerardo's thick cream sprays all over Alan's chest. Gerardo the gentleman continues jerking and sucking Alan until his clear jizz sprays all over both of them. Then they share a sweet post coital kiss. Aww.

Tristan Archer Shows His Nasty Side By Creaming Hot Twink Ass! HD

We’ve only know Tristan Archer for a very short time, but even so the sight of him wielding a knife at Noah Matous’s throat at the start of this powerful little scene comes as something of a shock. Seems like there’s something of a devil in this horny, handsome fellow; but if anything that only seems to add a certain appeal to his character. Besides, it quickly transpires that Matous is more than willing and able to undertake what’s demanded of him from Archer in the form of sexual favours, and before you know it he’s down on his assailant’s dick and feasting on it with characteristic fervour.

Billy Roberts

This is Billy's first time on camera, and what a GREAT model he turned out to be. After a short interview, Billy takes off his Chelsea football top, revealing a seriously awesome chest, powerful and well developed from sport, helped no doubt from working as a scaffolder. He takes off his shorts, and is already hard is his white jockstrap. He has really solid legs too. He rubs his rock hard stiffie for a bit before getting his cock out, and jerks off for us, giving us some great shots of that really fit body, before shooting a good thick load over his tight 6 pack. Hot!

Soggy Biscuit Orgy!

When we have 5 horny young swimmers staying in a house all summer, testosterone is sure to start flying, especially when they are bored of an evening! Alpha twink Kimi Monroe decides to play a game, inviting new face Jaxon Radoc to join in the fun and get to know his new housemates. Soggy biscuit is the name of the game, and as the boys jerk off around the table, everyone wants a bit more than a wank, and they all help each other out how horny twinks know best! It’s a melee of lithe young bodies with Danny Montero and his tanned smooth body next to Kimi’s smooth pale skin, both getting sucked off by hungry German Jeremy Chris, leaving the blonds in the room Kamyk and Jaxon getting more than friendly together! Kamyk’s cute face stuffed full of Jaxon’s meaty member, the hunger for face fucking subsiding to that of ass crying out to be fucked instead! As the group move to a sofa, Danny gets a turn of Kamyk’s delicious ass as the other hole is filled by Kimi’s big dick sliding down his mouth! On the other side of the sofa is Jeremy, very happily plowing into Jaxon until it’s all switched around and Danny is pushed down, ass up to Jeremy and Kimi getting blown by the Mexican beauty. Jaxon’s own big dick is also put to perfect use deep inside Kamyk! The game isn’t yet over however, as Kimi tells the boys to get around the table once again, and there’s always one person to lose this game...

Damian Black Fucks Dillon Rossi! | Tube Clip

Dillon Rossi loves to play -- he beams with positive energy both inside and outside the bed sheets. So when he first met Damian Black, still a relatively new CockyBoy, you know he had all sorts of games and activities lined up for them as the summer winded down. They had a raft race in the pool, skipped rocks, and played a rather intense game of paddle ball. Something about their competitive nature was just so fucking sexy for some reason... so when Dillon abruptly leaned in and kissed Damian in the pool, it was smooth and effortless.

Danny Montero and Caleb Moreton

Hot Latin twink Danny Montero shares his desire for a bareback fantasy. Demanding a top with a huge cock, Danny works Caleb's cock to full erection before getting his ass rimmed, his hole stretched then fucked raw by the hot young man's big dick. Lucky Danny is left with a gaping hole and loads of cum splattered all over him.

Getting It On The Set

Why wait for a finished set when we have two fetching pro bucks on our hands that can get to work anywhere the urge swells. See young veteran superstud Josh Bensan throw down with the smooth & smoking hot rookie sensation Grayson Lange in a makeshift meat packer that is bound to make you blow. Make sure and stay tuned after the boys blast for some adorable post pound shower shenanigans otherwise known as "cleanup credits."

Julian Tomlinson and Tom Nutall

Our new dorm mates meet, and very quickly get the measure of one another. It doesn't take them long to start 69ing one another getting a good taste of their meat, before the bottom gets his hole opened nice and wide with a toy, followed by a nice raw hard cock. These two definitely look like they're in for a fun semester.

Twink Mounts, Pounds and Seeds Boyfriend!

After making out, horny bareback twinks Sam Brooks and Ronny Howard strip down for some action. Dark-haired Sam is always up for sucking cock and he devours Ronny before giving up his own big dick for service. The blond is eager to return and he stretches his mouth wide to take the large cock. But Ronny soon gets an itch deep in his soul that he needs scratched and there's no better way to satisfy that craving than with a young hunk with a big dick pumping away, deep and raw. The bareback twinks fuck hard, with Sam taking Ronny from behind, on all fours, and with Ronny riding him like a stallion. Innocence is lost as they fuck and Sam unloads all over Ronny's freshly fucked hole, seeding the cum slut.

Carl Ross and Harley James

When a boyish lad finds a quiet spot in the woods to wank over a porn mag, he gets more than he expected, like a big rugby bloke out jogging, who stops for a breather and a quick wank! The young lad sees him and watches him wanking whilst playing with himself until the rugby bloke spots him. The man's none too pleased about being perved over so he confronts the lad and gets him on his knees to suck the rugby bloke's huge thick cock before getting a serious fucking against a tree. Then it's even more fucking, down in the dirt! Guess the horned up, pervy lad was asking for it!

Coastal Cruise

When Brad Chase and Travis Stevens hit the beach for a little casual cruising, they knew they were guaranteed to snag one of the many fine fish in the sea. What they didn't quite realize was that much like the other scenery, their prospects would be very very sunny. It was lust at first sight as they're forced to do a double take and after a quick and friendly introduction, the sun-kissed teens scurry off to take each other. Once indoors, the fresh catch gets to cooking as the two ambrosial cocksuckers give each others' gear a go. Don't miss all the action between Travis's monster longfellow & Brad's heavenly hole as they find fun in the sun and get laid in the shade.

Italian Solo

What’s not to love about the Italians? Horny, handsome and up for anything, Cris Costa is the perfect example and this dark haired pale skinned twink gives us unlimited access as he explores his own smooth body whilst on the couch spending his time softly stroking his dick and playing with that delicious butt of his. Sporting a sexy jock strap and football socks, the sporty young man loses himself in sexual distraction, leading to a great cumshot splattering his smooth body.

Bareback Boys Armed With Cameras - Scott Alexander And Tyler Thayer

Give a couple of horny boys some cameras to play with and you get something great!

Damien Dreik, Jesse Jankins and Rudy Bodlak

Only in the Czech Republic will a plumber come out to fix a tap within 10 minutes, and wear a hot overall with nothing else! Damien Dreik really has been working out, and all that plumbing work has given him a great body, small pecs and toned arms, plus a little something for the foot fetishes as he lays on the floor with his feet facing the camera! Rudy and Jesse cannot get enough of this fit young workman, not that we can blame them, so when Damien finally gives in, they both flop out big dicks in his face, and Damien sets to work sucking on each in turn, like a kid in a candy shop! All three guys are perfect young twinks, toned, tanned and pale together, but most importantly hung and horny! All sharing each other’s dicks, it’s lucky young Damien who gets the full force of both dicks in his ass, unfortunately not together, but we can’t have everything, a facial will have to suffice!

Straight Shooter

When lucky Logan Cross happens upon the only straight & loaded muscle boy on the hookup app, he wastes no time and beats feet to the first-class crib of brand new beefcake & exclusive Helix hunk, Justin Owen. Being a barely legal boy toy, Logan has some questions for his mysterious & handsome host. Slyly, however, the strapping stranger knows the best way to quiet a curious colt like Cross is with his jock. The twink traveller straddles his suitor and kissing quickly leads to the unleashing of Justin's fat firehose. Kid Cross goes to work polishing pipe in true hosebeast fashion before the elder assmaster returns the favor with an oral ovation beginning with the teen's prick and then deep into that superb derriere. When it comes time for the dicking, Logan Cross rides Owen's cannon like a hungry little buckaroo and receives from him plenty of piston pushback. At this point, Justin Owen is proving to be quite a verbal ass Cassanova and begins getting his bottom bitch from behind. He pounds his pup hard and in fitting doggy style before hitting it on the flip side and "crossing" the finish. You won't want to miss Justin Owen in his delicious debut as he bursts onto the scene and all over his costar's face.

Cock-Crazy Twink Enjoys Two Dicks Up His Ass & A Face Of Cum! HD

For one reason or another, estate agents always seem to get a bad press; but maybe this wouldn’t always be the case if they were more like Yuri Adamov. Polite, obliging, and ready to get his pants off at a moment’s notice – it’s little wonder that Johny Cherry and Jace Reed are bowled over by the fellow pretty much straightaway! Indeed, given that this is a double-penetration scene that you’re about to watch, with Adamov taking two dicks up his ass for both his pleasure and your entertainment, it’s safe to assume that the lad’s very obliging nature clearly knows no bounds.

Matthew Parker Fucks Pierre Fitch! | Tube Clip

Pierre Fitch has become quite the porn star anomaly -- he's been doing this for over ten years and still remains sexy as ever. He's gone from bottom to top and back again many times, now in a comfortable versatile role fucking and getting fucked but loving it just the same. When he first met Matthew Parker years ago, Pierre was going through a "top" phase while Matthew was especially enjoying getting plowed at the time. They were never officially exclusive, but now that they've reunited, you could say their sexual roles and interests have reversed!

Midnight Threesome!

Huge dicked Steven Prior and super sexy Brice Farmer wake up, both with raging hard-ons and decide the best way to get them down is by having some dirty sex in the dorms. Lead star Bradley Roberts is disturbed and sure as hell doesn’t complain at the sight he’s seeing. Soon joining in, the threesome is hornier than ever, each cock getting a real tongue worshipping from everyone before dark haired Brice lubes himself up and rams his handsome dick into Bradley, spit roasting him between the two. Looking so horny, Brice slaps his balls against Bradley’s peachy butt, Steven then gets a turn feeling Brice inside him, having his enormous dick swinging in motion!

Skater Boys Take An Impromptu Swim & A Ride On Raw Dick! HD

Kris Blent and Ray Mannix have a dilemma. Should they go off and skateboard? Or should they make the most of Blent’s father’s swimming pool? In the end, the temptation of the water simply proves too much for them – so much so, in fact, that they actually jump into the pool with all their skater clothes on! Not that the said gear stays on them for long, it must be said. Both boys are clearly well horned-up right from the off, after all; and before you know it they’re busily engaged in tearing each other’s garments off so that they can get total access to the parts that count!

Chris Edwards

Chris has a very boyish, young look, but he is surprisingly confident and masculine. We had a brief chat first, and when he talks, he looks you right in the eye, very direct, and he does have a glint, a sparkle, its hard to put your finger on it, but you can see it in the interview. He has the kind of looks and body that if you like twinky types, you will def appreciate. When he takes off his top, he has a very cute body, pale and very smooth - not fully developed yet. His legs are very nicely developed, given his slim frame. He plays with himself, getting his cock hard, and then takes off his shorts to wank for us. For the foot lovers out there, he has really nice perfect feet! So I got some shots of them, too. For me, the best part is when he gets close to shooting his load - his legs tense up and the muscles tighten and bulge, and you can see how fit he really is. Very cute!

Magic Touch

It's half past midnight. Cooper Steel & Andy Taylor meet to fulfill a longing they've carried for some time. A thick electricity hangs in the air along with the smell of spices, fevered concupiscence and young manhood. For these two virile lovers, the evening ignites with the first embrace. Every caress burns with a gentle yearning and for Andy Taylor, all roads lead to Cooper's exquisite opening. The same could be said for the boy Steel, but in his case, Andy was an intoxicant and the night would find him worshipping at an alter of cock.

Introducing Sexy Young Ty - Ty Neiman

You're all going to love new boy Ty. This cutie is going to be one to watch!

Danny Montero and Pierre

What's better than relaxing alone after a rough day? Relaxing with a friend, especially if there's bareback sex involved! Danny Montero and Pierre have gut-busting sex and cum like crazy after trading blow-jobs and relaxing the only way they know how. What a life!

Tyler Loves That Big Bare Cock - Steven Peters And Tyler Thayer

Tyler is a greedy boy, thankfully he has a hung friend with a lot to give him

Barebacking Birthday Boys!

It's Frank Myers's birthday today and beside him to help him with the festivities are his two besties, Alan Craft and Val Horner. And what a horny way to celebrate! After blowing out the candles on his cake and making a no-so-secret birthday wish, Frank gets to blow some very big dick! What follows is a cock hungry suck fest, which each guy getting his fill of juicy meat and getting serviced. Val delivers some cock-to-face smacking that'll make you wish it was you he was honoring with that huge, uncut meat! Once the lucky birthday boy gets rimmed, he ends up full of cock, spit roasted and tag teamed, riding each one in turn, then getting blasted in the face with a tasty, lip-smacking double facial. And judging by his smile we figure he got exactly what he wanted for his birthday. So, you see? Wishes DO cum true!

Hosing Him Down

What did we get when Kyle Ross & Troy Ryan teamed up and spent an afternoon together washing their wheels? One squeaky clean car and two very dirty dudes. After the work was done, it didn't take long before they took on a job of a different sort and the very randy Mr. Ross was immediately all over Troy's jumbo jock. Kyle chows down like a champ inspiring his young top to nestle a finger inside of him. This would eventually be followed up by Troy's tongue and then impressive third leg. When it's time to bury that bazooka, Ross rides Ryan. This begins a chain of pound positions that gets the blonde beauty baying and ends with a super soaked fuck facial. We should have known what to expect with these two, but when out popped Troy's tree trunk, it was obvious that this simple chore was bound to lead to a labor of love.

Tayte Hanson & Allen King Flip-Fuck! | Tube Clip

When we flew one of our regular New York CockyBoys, Tayte Hanson, up to Montreal to hang out with our guys there, we had no idea what kind of chemistry would ignite. When you're as sexuality versatile as Tayte and Allen King though, any and everything can happen. Tayte was so excited to finally spend time with Allen that the guys fooled around, sucked, and rimmed each other the night before to practice -- saving their cumshots of course for the "ovation" the next day as Tayte called it.

Jack Jefferson and Luke Hammond

Jack Jefferson and Luke Hammond are both handsome lads with awesome fit bodies, and very nice thick 8 inch cocks. They look great together. After some kissing and licking each others nipples, they take turns sucking each others hot cocks, and when Jack sucks, he really gets into it. He does some great deepthroating, taking Lukes thick dick all the way down his throat till his face is nestled in Lukes pubes - really horny! Jack is older than Luke, but its Luke that gets to fuck, and he fucks Jack in 3 hot positions, up against the wall, then Jack rides it really well, rock solid as he slides up and down it, before laying on his back to get fucked deep, till he cant hold back any longer and he shoots a really good load. Then for a really hot ending, he deep-throats Luke again, getting him close to cumming, then Luke jerks off into his mouth, shooting it onto his tongue, Jack savouring every drop - awesome!

Gym Fit Fuckers

Young Johny Cruz is changing in the gym as his buddy leaves him to it. Johny, still sweaty from the workout breathes in the scent of the locker room, turns himself on as he slowly strips, rubbing his moist skin and his trim chest hair, down to his bulging boxers, imaginingg his gym buddy is back in the room and giving him one final workout for the day. As if by magic, skinhead Jason is back, his tall lean body naked and ready for action, even his big dick is rock solid and ready, much to Johny’s immediate appreciation! Raising his ass to the air, Johny offers his butt to the lean hung man and it’s taken straight away and he’s flipped and fucked in every position possible. He really can’t get enough! Almost knocking the lockers over as they fuck, Johny shoots whilst Jason’s deep inside, and Jason can’t hold back on the feeling of Johny’s butt clenching as he cums, pulls out and joins his spunk with his own, giving Johny a full coating of cum, mixing it with the sweat already pouring from him.

Liam Riley Fucks Kody Stewart! | Trailer

Liam and Kody are leisurely cuddling on the couch but things are slowly starting to heat up. They both want it and they both can't wait to get it so without wasting anymore time Kody starts sucking Liam off. He's eagerly showing off his no gag reflex skills and he seems to love every inch of Liam's big throbbing cock. Liam of course can't wait to return the favor so he takes Kody's pants off and shoves his face in Kody's crotch. Kody's of course is already rock hard and ready to stuff Liam's mouth with his dick and he's not even shy about it. Even though Liam is getting ready to top for the first time in his life he still tells Kody to eat his ass which he's more than eager to do. After rimming Liam's hole though, Kody realizes that what he really wants more than anything else is to get fucked hard. So he lays on the table and lifts his legs up in the air and demands that Liam fucks him right then and there. Liam spits on Kody's hole and in one swift motion shoves his dick balls deep into Kody's tight little hole and starts pounding away. Kody is clearly in pure bottom heaven as Liam plows his hole and all he can do is just keep begging for more. Then Laim flips him over the couch and continues to drill Kody's hole with no mercy before ordering him to ride him on the couch. Kody can't even take it anymore and starts shooting cum all over the place while Liam is still fucking his ass then he jumps off of Liam to make sure he gets a taste of his load too. After this scene, it should be pretty obvious to anyone that Liam is not only a power bottom but also a power top!

Mark Brown and Kevin Ateah

Everyone’s favourite rawboy is back for more barebacking fun with pretty young twinks getting rammed! Mark Brown, tanned, toned and with some hot tattoos is busy pasting a wall, but all the while imagining what it would be like to push very young looking Kevin up against the wall instead! All these dirty thoughts have given him a hard-on, and right in Kevin’s face! It doesn’t take a genius to know they’re gonna be naked within minutes, and as Kevin sucks the life out of Mark’s impressive dick, he only gets it harder and more eager to his ass! As the slim smooth Kevin is pushed against the wall, with a wet saliva-slick ass open for Mark to push into. Holding up one leg for us to get a real close-up look, this is one hell of a fuck scene which gives us no doubt that Mark is really into this young lad, pulling all the way out and back in again, over and over as the spit collects around his butt as it’s worked harder than he’s ever had before!

Curbside Pickup

When Evan Parker scoops up Grayson Lange for a much needed NSA hookup, his curious passenger has a few probing questions for the suave chauffeur. However, It's once inside his apartment that these two tantalizing teens really get to know each other. Sweet & sensual lip sucking ensues as they make their way to the bedroom where Grayson takes Evan's limber love muscle into his mouth until it becomes a fully formed fuck post. When it's time to return the favor, Grayson kneels and gladly gives throat. Then, as Parker bends Grayson over the dresser and penetrates his pleasure portal, that's when the ride truly begins.

Two Would-Be Skaters Head Home For A Raw, Uncut Fuck-Fest! HD

If there’s two things that can be learned in the opening sequence of this spunky little number between ever-popular Brit boy, Leo Ocean, and his sexy Czech counterpart, Pyotr Tomek, it’s never to go skateboarding if you can’t actually skateboard and never to go walking along the inside of a railway track! After all, both these activities present varying levels of risk to life and limb; but when you’re young and carefree such risks always seem trivial.

Cute, Horned-Up Farm Boys Take A Spunky Ride In The Hay! HD

What is it about young Czech lads and remote barns out in the countryside? As Sven Laarson and Tristan Archer demonstrate in this terrific set-piece, it seems that director, John Smith, only has to take them to one and they become like beings possessed – totally unable to contain their lust for hard, throbbing, uncut cock! Certainly Archer can’t wait to get inside his buddy’s pants as they sneak inside the building. Indeed, before you know it he’s down on his knees – not to propose, of course, but so that he can get his lips around the blond boy’s meaty ramrod. A task that he undertakes with real gusto, it must be noted. Not that that should come as any great surprise given how much we already know he loves dick – an appetite that only seems to intensify here with every passing moment.

Billy and Thierry

Billy and Thierry are both proper chav lads who loves the scally-Rudeboy look and I had a feeling they would be into each other.. But i wasn't expecting the attraction to be as strong as it was... Before I had even started filming, Billy and Thierry both had hard-ons straining to get out of their trackies, and they couldn't keep their hands off each other. And I've got to say, this has to be one of the horniest scenes I've shot in a while.. there was such chemistry right from the start, and both lads loved every part of the scene. Billy even managed to get ALL of Thierry huge 8.5 inch cock down his throat at one point.. they also took turns fucking each other. It's a long scene at 25 minutes, but trust me, it's ALL great and incredibly horny!

Ocean's In Heaven

Aiden Garcia & Tyler Hill spent a beautiful day on an adventure by the seashore and as the day began to heat up, these two pleasure pirates became less interested in their surroundings and began to explore each other. Then, as the sexcapade moves indoors, the pretty pair pick up where they left off with a back and forth suck session that will make you melt. Once the fiery foreplay leads to the main event, Aiden readies Tyler's heavenly hole and buries his bountiful treasure.

Simon Clay and Louis Brooks

When Louis Brooks calls Simon Clay for a massage, he was hoping for a happy ending but he wasn't sure he'd get one. Once the tall, skinny young man walked in, however, Louis got his ass played with and his hole fingered. That's when he knew he was going to wind up taking Simon's raw cock up his ass and get a different sort of massage; one that rubbed against his prostate until both twinks spew fresh loads of cum from all that deep digging.

Skater Quits His Wheels To Take A Hard, Raw, Anal Pounding! HD

He’s as bouncy and full of life as a young puppy, but fresh-faced skaterboy, Erik Franke, appears to have lost interest in his board at the start of this horny little escapade – and no great wonder. After all, if you’d got a blond bombshell like Calvin Rose for company chances are you wouldn’t be especially bothered about life on wheels either! For the simple fact is that whilst skateboarding can be mega-fun it can never quite compete with the allure of hard cock – a fact that both these boys clearly appreciate from the off as they bound out of their shorts and start feasting on each other’s handsome ramrods.

How To Seed A Cum-Hungry Twink

It’s a new term at school and Thomas Fiaty has a new boyfriend, a college jock by the name of Matthew Ross. Everybody wants a piece of the big, beefy hunk and those who’ve already had him, want more. Except Thomas isn’t giving this one up any time soon because the dark-haired beauty has the one thing Thomas likes most…a big, fat, uncut, juicy cock with big balls! On their first weekend together, Thomas wastes little time in making out with his hung boyfriend and it’s clear humpy Matthew enjoys getting pawed. After plenty of kissing and feeling each other up, the two get into a hot and heavy 60 session, with Thomas using his throat to make love to Matthew’s long, fat piece, and Matthew lapping up the pink, tasty morsel that is Thomas’s hole. Thomas knows what Matthew wants and he’s eager to do some raw riding. Spit-lubed, Thomas takes up his position and slides down the throbbing shaft, impaling himself. He’s on on all fours, getting slammed, but Matthew wants to see his boyfriend’s pretty face when he slides back in, pumping until he’s ready to blow. Matthew spews a fresh load of hot semen all over the freshly fucked hole, seeding Thomas and sending him over the edge. Thomas follows with a huge mess of his own you can all but taste!

New Boy’s Cherry Gets Well & Truly Popped By Well-Hung Stud! HD

Old favourites are always good to watch, but is there genuinely anything hotter than watching a new lad being shown the ropes by a more experienced hand? That’s certainly the underlying premise of this exquisite duo between handsome STAXUS stud, Nick Vargas, and our hyper-horny new boy, Johny Cherry; whose wholesome, innocent looks are totally at odds with the filthy performance that he puts in here.

Kevin Lang and Thomas Ross

These college boys like to study hard. But sometimes they want to hit more than the books. Hiding from teacher, they help each other out with a cheeky wank under the desk but very soon those hard cocks need more than just a helping hard. With the teacher no where to be seen, it's up on the desk for a blow job followed quickly by some hard raw fucking.

Show Me What You Got

Our scene begins in the park where Max Carter & Logan Cross show off their tumbling skills with a little precoital competition. After observing Logan's leaps, macho Max proudly proclaims, "I can totally top that!" He was right. Once indoors, the two dreamy gymnasts trade some hot noggin before the temptation of Cross's dynamite cakes wins over and the majestic Mr. Carter is ready to deliver the deep damage. Position after position, with only a break for Max to lap at Logan's sweet spot, these delectable dudes switched up the shagging situation until finally hammering home to creampie country.

William B and Luke D

When I heard that Luke had a thing for Army kit, I thought, why not indulge him. I wasn't disappointed!

Fantasy Fuck

It must be some book that blond bombshell Jaxon Radoc is reading, as his imagination runs wild with the appearance of Spanish stud Andrea Suarez coming from behind, the perfect position for the handsome tattooed fucker. Jaxon sucks deep and hard on Andrea’s large uncut dick like his favourite popsicle. He just can’t get enough and when the favour’s returned, Jaxon’s own big dick is the star of the show. Andrea can’t believe his luck as he looks up with a face full of dick with more to spare and gazes at the beautiful face of Jaxon, head back in sheer pleasure. The sight of this makes Andrea even hornier and he slams his big dick deep into Jaxon’s willing butthole, slapping his peachy cheeks to get even deeper, his balls swinging back and forth with each thrust. Walking off after doing the deed, Jaxon is left sweaty, spunky and satisfied!

Blond Cock-Lover Gets All Holes Hammered By Horny Skater Boy! HD

Of course, it’s pretty fucking obvious what Blent really wants by this point – and the good news for him (not to mention the rest of us!) is that he’s very soon getting it. Right between the butt cheeks!! Suffice it to say that it’s a move that clearly pleases the youngster big time, as he takes every inch of Stone’s beauty in a series of positions; before nature gets the better of him and he spews the contents of his balls mid-fuck. Leaving Stone to seal the deal with a furious spray of his own!

Jose Manuel and Rudy Bodlak

Measuring up is something no Czech twink ever has to worry about, it’s in their genes to impress, and Rudy is definitely no exception. Showing off his dick to fellow handyman Jose Manuel, it’s rock solid in seconds, and down his mates throat in the same amount of time! This quite muscular young twink has the beginnings of a hairy chest, but his cute face and nicely curved dick sill work wonders for the lovers of twink! Cock hungry Jose is a slim big thick dicked skinny guy, typical twink material, especially when he’s got a nice big raw dick shoved up his butt! Watching as Rudy eases into Jose is pure porn heaven, the thick shaft opening him up slowly is so perfect you can almost feel it yourself, and when he gets to pound him hard, pushing his thighs forward as he pulls his shoulders back is something you’ll be watching many times over, that’s for sure! Given side views, underneath views and as he pulls out and in again you’ll be edging yourself closer to climax, but hold off until the moment these boys join it, you won’t be disappointed as these guys just don’t wanna stop!

Bareback Twink Boy Orgy! - Tyler Thayer Jasper Robinson

When the pool party heads inside all hell breaks loose for these horny bareback boys!

Philip Tiger

Colourful, interesting and very enthusiastic Philip Tiger sits on the locker room bench and tells us a little about his life. Massively into sports he plays tennis, badminton and swims as well as spending loads of time in the gym he's very active which explains his extremely lean and toned body, abs for absolute days! Backwards cap, chain, vest, shorts and high-tops he's a modern chavvy lad, horny, dirty and up for anything. Pulling his black vest over his head and behind his neck, showing of that tight and uber defined torso. He gropes from the outside and sticks his hands down the inside of his shorts, staring down the camera with a cheeky blue eyed squint. Standing up and teasing the shorts down, the front and centre gets a bit stuck on his bulging jock clad crotch on the way down. Navy and white with thick red butt straps, this jock could have been made for Philip, though his hard cock is impossible to contain. Getting out his mega thick and long dick, veiny and skyward pointing, he's already rock solid before he's even touched it. Leaning up against the cold lockers he works himself into a hot wanking frenzy. Taking his discarded jock strap with him he sits back down, stretches out, pulls the crotch of his used underwear up to his face and takes a long hard sniff... He beats off. He's having fun with this, using the jock to wank with and occasionally inhaling his own scents from it, filthy and we love it! Placing it on the bench he builds up the tension and blows his load all over his used jock. Quite a horny display!

Try Me On For Size

When a seductive tomcat like Evan Parker is left alone in the changing room with a fine & half naked Brad Chase, what we have is the perfect recipe for dressing room delight. These two twinkies begin with some simple smooching and tugging each others' tools before a beautiful back and forth match of flip fellatio. Brad Chase is an absolute vision of youth & radiance and as Evan Parker and his seven inch soldier can now testify: When a Helix model asks you what he looks best in, the answer is always nothing at all.

Giovanni Carreras, Simone DE Jesus and Joao DA Luz

Simone De Jesus , a compact little guy with a huge dick, is on the sofa with swarthy Giovanni Carreras. They are both nude kissing, with their smooth butts in the air. Muscled Joao Da Luz walks in and begins riming and fingering their luscious openings. Soon he lets them tag-team the boner, they expertly take care of it, sharing it. Having been serviced for a while, Joao has a seat and watches Giovanni sliding his muscle ass onto Simone's rock-hard dick. Then Simone shows his versatility by letting Giovanni slide his pole up him. The three splash cum-loads all over each other on the sofa.