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#helix: Jessie Montgomery and Greco Rai

This time on #helix, Jesse Montgomery & Greco Rai talk about their hottest shoots and jerk off habits. Plus, some virginal fantasies & crazy hot contests! Then, these two Helix baby boys suck on each others sweet parts & Jesse gives greco the goods.

Justin Matthews Fucks Liam Riley! | Tube Clip

Justin Matthews and Liam Riley clicked right from the beginning. And you can immediately see why -- Justin is a more simple-minded country guy while Liam's a bubbly big city boy, a walking exclamation point! Even physically, Justin's a taller, tan blond Adonis while Liam is a slightly shorter, brown-haired pup in training. A perfect Yin and Yang is what you could call their chemistry, and that always leads to some explosively hot sex.


It’s not a Hung Ladz movie for nothing, and with fresh faced twink Luke Vogel, he takes it to a whole new level! Sexy, lean and muscular, bottom boy Jack Green can’t stop sucking his play mate enough for us to truly appreciate the size of the slab of meat he sports between his legs! Once finally prized off, we all instantly fall in love with the giant dicked twink and his horny tattooed bottom, especially when he leans back and we see Luke’s cock totally filling up Jack’s ass with no room to space whatsoever! Moving around and letting him gain even more access deep into him, Luke can’t stop thrusting those smooth hips forward and into his tanned partner, flipping and fucking in every position possible, just wait until we see Jack’s answer to if he liked it or not, the cum load he produces is out of this world!

Bareback Twinks In The Tub - Jasper Robinson And Tyler Thayer

Jaster and Tyler are getting soapy in the tub when their dicks take over

Martin Love and Dimitry Borodin

Sometimes, when your partner says jump, you just do it. And when he slaps you on the ass and says he wants to fuck, well, you just better ready to drop to your knees and service him before he bends you over and rims your tight hole cause that big fat dick is going to bareback you! Dimity Borodin enjoys getting treated like a love slave by Martin Love who eats his ass good before fucking him and giving him a juicy anal cream pie!

Working Him Out

Logan Cross just might be the world's cutest coach. When hung lad Oliver Hudson's work out in the park goes awry, this bodacious duo decides to retreat for some sweaty sofa sex instead. These two jolly jocks swap head, ride rawhide, reverse cowbone, and stand & stick before some delicious creampie. In this juicy bareback session, Helix heat proves once again that there's more than one way to get in a great work out!

Staxus Model Spotlight #3: Kris Blent HD

With an appetite for cock that almost defies both reason and belief, it’s pretty small wonder that Kris Blent has shot to an almost meteoric level of porn fame in pretty much next to no time. It seems that one day he was living an ordinary life in Holland, the next he was savouring every hard dick that Prague had to offer – of which (as we all know only too well) there’s plenty! Needless to say, he’s quickly – and very unsurprisingly – become a firm favourite with the Czech boys, who now seem to be literally lining up to give him the kind of raw banging that such a wild, unrepentant slut deserves! No fucking here, mind. But with that fabulous butt of his on full display, we reckon there’ll be few complaints!

Pedro Piedra and Tomas Robles, Part 1

In a remote village of a Latin country in Central America you’ve probably never heard of, there's a military dictatorship controlling the populace. Crime is not tolerated and the severity of your punishment is determined by your actions. Most men end up in jail. However, the twinks who are caught have an option. They can serve time or pay back society by going to boot camp. That’s what happened with Tomas Robles. With one older brother already in jail and a younger brother in a street gang, he thought it would be best if he saved his parents the heartache and joined the military. Little did he know his Commanding Officer, Pedro Piedra, is a hard-ass mother fucker with a huge tool! The twink finds out what Pedro is about when he’s caught jerking off while on duty. To show Tomas a lesson, Pedro has the skinny twink do push-ups but the C.O. is aroused by the sight of the plump butt rising and falling. Soon, Pedro orders Tomas to his knees and the large, fat, humongous piece of uncut Latin pinga looks positively frightening as the twink starts to give the man a blowjob. Poor Tomas thought he was going to get away with just giving Pedro a blowjob but Pedro had other plans. And since the delinquent is a virgin and the C.O. a beast, is that huge monster cock going anywhere? Stay tuned!

Blond Beauty Gets His Horny, Tight Fuck-Hole Interracially DP’d! HD

You don’t need to be too much of a psychological expert to appreciate that Kris Blent is a young man with one hell of a dirty imagination; so give the blond beauty something phallic like a banana and before you know it he’s dreaming up a truly terrific set-piece with the teasingly provocative (not to mention the ironically named) “Pinky”. Add mixed-race and handsomely hung Gareth Grant into the equation – as happens here – and you genuinely have the makings of a fantasy classic! Indeed, just seeing the horny Dutch lad couched between this pair of ass-hungry dudes at the start of this scene is surely more than enough to underline the potential here; and needless to say you’re not gonna be disappointed in any way.

Max Trey

Twink lovers are in for such a huge treat with this little hottie who puts on such a hot show. Appearing on camera for the first time is super cute, 18-year-old Max Trey. He is a little guy, with bright blue eyes, a very cute face, and a ripped, tight body. He starts off on the sofa, playing with his bulge then lifts his top and takes it off to reveal his great six pack! He rubs his nipples and bulge, then takes off his shorts. His bulge grows even bigger in his white sports briefs as he strokes it, till it almost bursts out. Taking his undies off, Max takes his big cock and plays with it gently, getting it rock solid and throbbing. It's a big cock, with plenty of foreskin, and a big bulging head on it, plus sexy low hanging balls. He shows it off to the camera, giving us cute little looks, and jerks off slowly for a bit. Max is standing now and he massages lube into his stiff dick, jerking off slow then giving us hands free action as he plays with his nipples, and his cock throbs, rock solid. On the sofa now, Max jerks off a little more then starts to work on his hole, sliding his finger in and out slowly, making his cock throb even more than before. It looks huge now, as he fingers himself and keeps his cock on the edge of cumming. He starts to jerk off harder, building himself up, and it doesn't take long till his big dick starts spraying out powerful jets of spunk all the way up his chest to his shoulders, with several more squirts pumping out all over his pecs and abs. Unbelievably hot and Twinktastic!

Nick Vargas Hunts Down His Guy – Then Fucks & Creams Him! HD

There’s no need to be concerned, folks. There may indeed be a very rough-and-tumble start to this scene, but we can assure you can no models were harmed in its production! All the same, there’s simply no denying the breathless drama that marks the first few minutes of action; with Nick Vargas (gun in hand) chasing new boy, Calvin Rose, across a field of long grass. With dramatic music pounding in the background, you could almost be forgiven for forgetting (albeit momentarily) that this is actually porn you’re watching; until Vargas finally catches up with his mark just outside a farmhouse and the raw man-on-man action finally begins.

Matthew Parker and San Baptiste Flip-Fuck! | Tube Clip

Meet Matthew Parker and San Baptista, two real-life fuck buddies from Montreal. We've often shown you real-life couples here at CockyBoys, but real-life fuck buddies are a different thing entirely -- there's more urgency, more aggression, more hunger to figure out exactly what turns the other on. And with Matthew and San -- two completely different types of guys -- their flip-fuck was truly a sight to behold.

Peter Scot and Ricky Boy

Dreaming of what he’ll do to the fit skater in the park, cute young Peter Scot gives us his dream in full close-up hardcore detail! Ricky, the skater boy in question turns heads wherever he sails past, and with that tanned smooth skin and tattooed arm and chest, it’s no wonder! Lucky Peter gets him working on his throbbing dick whilst he himself gets his throat fucked by this handsome young kid, both sporting great stiff dicks, the white sofa focusing all our attention on the twinky slim bodies as they wrap around each other, getting hotter and harder until Ricky takes the lead and slides his deliciously wet dick into the moaning Peter. The feeling of Ricky’s big uncut cock in Peter must be a confusing mix of sheer pleasure and the unknown as he yelps out but still wants more and more, leading to him giving a great release of spunk.

Tickle Me Grayson

Grayson Lange is one of those tasty twinkies that every fan yearns to get their hand on. In this scene, Helix hot stud Kody Knight does just that. Watch as Lange gets banged & tickles Kody's pickle.

Jocks, Socks and Cocks!

Still super horny from fucking his new roomie, Luke Desmond is sporting a huge hard-on under his sweatpants, especially when telling fellow housemate Johny Cruz about his latest conquest. Johny is another lover of big dicks and wants to try Luke’s, after hearing how he fucks hard and deep! Eager to show his own worth, he takes Luke back to his room and wastes no time in getting his knees in front of Luke. With Johny’s ass framed and pushing back as he rests on his socked feet, he gobbles down Luke's dick like there's no tomorrow! After a taste of his mate's cock, Luke gets up and guides Johny to the bed, plunging his dick over and over into Johny’s hole, opening it up for us nicely, gaping wide and beckoning Luke’s shaft deep inside! Fucked hard and pushing his dick straight down into Johny, who’s upside on the floor presenting that awesome ass hole to his top fucker mate, there’s no position these frats won’t try and won’t love! Shooting his load first, Johny’s G-spot was definitely tickled and Luke’s own massive meat empties again all over himself as Johny laps at his balls, newly empty but already recharging!

Anonymous Ass

Who hasn't fantasized about a scorching hot hookup with HS superstar & dreamboat bottom Tyler Hill? In this scene, our lucky and juicy gentleman caller is none other than first year Helix hunk Gavin Phillips! Watch as he rims, rams, & rolls around his empty apartment with twinky Tyler and his "amazing" & downright "awesome" ass!

Roger and Roberth

After a splash in the water and feeling sensual inspiration from the outdoor scenery, Roger and Roberth get down to some sucking and rimming on the rocky shore, before Roberth tops Roger. Roger beautifully sucks Roberth's balls and blows his hefty cock. Roberth just can't get enough of Roge's ass rimming in a very sweet deep way. Roberth sinks pretty deep into Roger's smooth brown ass.

Boredom Boning

For Bastian & Gavin it's just another one of those days. Another boring Saturday afternoon on the couch with nothing to keep them entertained but a cell phone and some sweets. Nothing, except of course the hot young piece of boy-candy sitting beside them. When the light bulb finally flashes in Gavin's dirty mind, the action heats up fast. Smooching leads to some fine 69 and before you know it, it's an all out scroggin' on the ottoman as Bastian Hart & Gavin Phillips give us a lesson in boredom boning every restless (but legal) teen needs to see.

Tayte Hanson Fucks Asher Hawk! | Tube Clip

Tayte Hanson & Asher Hawk have been flirting for a long time now. As we all know, Tayte likes to get rough and aggressive when he tops and Asher is famous for being a power bottom that must have his hole fucked deep and hard every time or it won't count! Putting the two together was only a matter of time. Neither one of them needed an introduction and exactly 3.5 seconds after Tayte shoves his tongue down Asher's throat his cock is already rock hard which of course requires deep throating immediately. They swap blowjobs and Tayte eats Asher's hungry hairy hole but this wasn't about that - this was all about packing Asher's tight hole with as much Tayte cock as he could possibly take. And he takes ALL of it! And then still begs for more! Like a true power bottom is supposed to do. We train them well, don't we? After getting plowed in every position imaginable, Asher practically starts begging for Tayte's load down his throat. Of course Tayte doesn't wait for a second invitation and pretty much showers Asher with his load which then they use as lube so Asher can shoot his load as well.

Luke Adams and Jack Green

Blue eyed young muscle stud, Luke Adams, has a seriously horny session with cute fittie Jack Green in this awesome video. Starting off on the sofa, they get a feel of each others bulges in their sports shorts, then Luke takes off his top to reveal his smooth muscular chest. Jack gives his nipples a good licking as he massages Luke's bulge till he gets rock solid. Taking off their shorts, both lads have throbbing stiffies in their undies, which they take off. Luke lays back, flexing his huge biceps, holding his thick cock upright, as Jack lays on his side, and gets down to some great cock sucking action, slurping it eagerly, then getting a good face fucking from Luke. Jack stands now, holding his big stiffie, and Luke gets on his knees to give it a good, slow sucking. He takes his time slurping on the head, licking the shaft, then stands, and Jack gets down to give our young muscle stud another deep sloppy sucking. Jack is on his back on the sofa, Luke works on his hole, massaging spit into it, then pushing one, then two fingers in, stretching his hole. Gagging to fuck, Luke stands to give him his first pounding against the sofa. His muscles bulge as he grips him, his thick dick sliding in and out of Jack's tight hole. Next, they are on the floor, Luke lays on his side to give Jack another deep fucking, slow for a bit, then building up, till Jack cant hold off. He wanks his cock hard till it spurts thick white jizz all over his abs. Luke pulls out and moves round to cum on Jack's face, his cock squirts out jets of spunk all over his face, and gets plenty into his mouth, and he cleans up every last drop.

Big Bareback Cum Shots! - Jason Valencia And Tyler Thayer

Jason loves to make his bottom buddies cum hard, and Tyler certainly does!

Rai of Light

Greco Rai is an 18 year old vision of perfection. Unmatched in beauty, Greco creates the kind of presents on camera that illuminates the screen. In this film greco partners with the strong and sinewy Oliver Hudson and his substantial and swollen member. As the friction heats their naked nubile bodies, the magnetic chemistry is a work to behold.

Rough, Hard and Deep

When a scene opens with two giant dicks being jerked off in front of you, you know it’s gonna be one hell of a horny fuck! Dark haired young stud Luke Tyler can’t hold back for long and slurps on AJ’s immense shaft, the rough looking tattooed stud holds on to his fuck-mates hair as he pushes and pulls him up and down over his stiff dick, enjoying every second before getting his own way on that smooth olive skinned ass, lapping at his hole and jerking his dick downwards, as he gets that hole ready for his thick dick to slam into! Slapping his ass to open it up even more, Luke bites the pillow until he’s taken it all and his ass is used to being stretched wide and deep! Bouncing on top of it now, Luke’s dick is always pointing north, even whilst riding the biggest dick of his life, swinging from side to side with each bounce, his metronome dick giving us all the proof we need of how much this handsome lad loves a giant cock up his ass, as if the floods of spunk aren’t enough!

Pierre Fitch Fucks JP Dubois! | Tube Clip

As we all know, Pierre Fitch is all about physical health and loves working out -- especially when he's helping out other hot guys! JP DuBois was anxious for a one-on-one session with Pierre -- he knew the two would be nice and horny by the time they'd bulked up and gotten nice and sweaty. It was impossible not to notice JP's bulging hard-on in his red gym shorts, and before long, he and Pierre were deep in the throes of some intense kissing.

Nick Gill, Luis Bigdog and Nick Daniels

Nick Gill and Luis Bigdog break into the office where Nick Daniels is working. But they don't want anything other from him except for a blowjob. At first, Nick is apprehensive but when he sees Luis' huge cock all fear goes out the window. Nick takes turns sucking both Luis and Gill then gets bent over his own desk where the intruders take turns eating his ass, fingering him, and stretching him out. Gill fucks him first, making way for Luis' monster meat. Then the two give the twink a double penetration that leads to a double cum-facial Nick won't be forgetting any time soon!

Jessie Gets A Little Help - Jessie Douglas

Fit young Jessie tels us about himself before getting some assistance with his long cock

Gettin' Plowed

It takes the right chemistry to make for great sex and Luke Allen was already a fan of Troy Ryan's "body of work" before this session even began. This super cute coupling will have you precumming from start to finish as we see Luke give Troy's jumbo jack the ol' "taste test" then handle that heavy machinery. From some sweet side slamming to getting reverse cow-poked this scene has it all! The action ends with a face full for lucky Luke and proves to be all he thought it would be and more. 

Gustave Guajardo, Gilbert Rosa, and Logan Lechero

When Gustave Guajardo went to the movies with his friends last weekend, he wasn’t expecting to be in a bareback orgy with five other twinks, let alone even thinking about shoving his huge, cock balls deep inside a cock hungry bottom whore. And yet, that was exactly what he did. Now, he’s anxious to feel another warm mouth sucking his juicy cock and a tight hole wrapped around his uncut tool. But how to get things started? Who to talk to about fulfilling his wishes? He confides in his neighbor, Gilbert Rosa, who tells him to leave it all to him. He knows an adorable cocksucker who might give up his ass for a bareback fuck. All Gustave has to do is follow Gilbert’s lead. At first, Logan Lechero — who loves big dick, sucking, and getting fucked — puts up a good show. After all, he doesn’t want it getting around the neighborhood that he’s a big puta! And yet everyone knows, which is how Gilbert gets Logan to suck both, his and Gustave’s cock. Logan gets his sweet ass stretched out by Gilbert and then by Gustave, each of them taking turns spit roasting and tag team bareback fucking the dick hungry twink before rewarding him with cum facials, which the greedy cocksucker diligently guzzles.

Beach Buns

Join Josh Bensan & Logan Cross for their first time... at a nude beach! This summer adventure is a sizzler as we watch these two strip down to their bare buns and go at it raw deep in the cliffs of sunny California. See Logan chow down on Bensan's boner, get his beautiful boy hole teased & tongued, and watch these two hotties become instant cream pie pals!

John Hill and Julian Tomlinson

John Hill is one fucking handsome young fucker, he’s got the face, the body, the dick and the tats to get anyone he wants, and Julian Tomlinson – minus the curly head of hair we are used to – gets the pleasure of this amazing scene. Closing in on his slick dick getting throat fucked, both cuties are in it for the pleasure, and boy do they give us a good time too! John’s hot toned body is just perfect, the chest and ab muscles nicely defined but not too huge, and the long shaft of his arrow-like dick is great for sliding into Julian’s hot hungry mouth and ass! Taking him in every way he can, John goes for the pile-driver, and really gives Julian the time of his young life and us the best view of his bare dick fucking Julian’s smooth hole hard and deep! Just watching him fuck and then pull out and spunk all over Julian’s freshly fucked and puckering hole is a dream come true in anyone’s eyes!

Hung Jock Fucks Inked Frat Boy

Shooting hoops as they waste time with each other, cute young Jack Green and lean muscle man Kayden Gray head back after some sweaty outdoor play and get to grips with each other in the common room. Stripping off their damp clothes, these two boys lap each other’s salty bodies and Jack’s cute pink lips work down Kayden’s sexy body towards that growing bulge and soon wrap around his famously thick dick, getting pushed down do his throat is stretched wide and Kayden almost shoots his load straight down it! Saving himself for later, the attention is moved towards his mates delicious ass, framed perfectly around his jock strap. His legs are worked hard as Jack bounces on top of Kayden’s cock in every position possible and Jack just can’t get enough. It’s easy to understand why! Their football socks pulled high over hard and burning leg muscles, these frat boys end up covered in hot spunk and Jack’s aching hole tired and never the same again!

Cute Blond Gets His Ass-Hole Worked Over By Horny Team-mate! HD

There’s no hanging about for young Spaniard, Ruben Bart, when his team-mate, Nick Vargas, enters the changing-room – but then would you really have ever expected anything different? In his short time with STAXUS, the horny blond wonder has already very eagerly demonstrated his lust for other guys; and suffice it to say that he shows absolutely no resistance when the hunky Czech makes a bee-line for his football shorts and (more importantly) its contents! Not that there would really seem to be any point resisting a fellow like Vargas, who comes across as a man who doesn’t readily accept no for an answer.

Fit Boy Jessie Loves That Raw Cock! - Jasper Robinson And Jessie Douglas

Jessie and Jasper are perfectly matched for a hardcore bareback fucking!

Taylor Tyson

Cheerful, confident, football loving bisexual lad Taylor Tyson chats first. He has a great West Country accent, deep voice, and talks about what he is into and how he keeps fit. The solo begins with Taylor on the sofa, in football shirt, grey trackie bottoms and footie socks. As he rubs his bulge, it swells. He takes off his top to reveal his broad shoulders and smooth tight six pack. He then plays with his nipples and pulls his trackies down to his ankles. His cock throbs beneath his undies and his balls are so huge they are bursting out the sides! Taylor pulls down his undies and starts to play with his big uncut 8-inch cock, sliding his foreskin slowly back and forth over the large head. His balls are massive and they hang big and heavy between his legs as he jerks off for us, giving sexy little looks in to camera. He stands now, keeping that dick rock hard, as he jerks off for us, with some great low angle close ups of his big balls swinging. He takes his hands off his cock, giving us some hands free action, then gets back to jerking off for a bit. Back on the sofa, Taylor lays back. His cock throbs even harder now and the head bulges. He jerks off slow, keeping himself on the edge. This is really hot! Then he goes for it, letting his hot spunk squirt out over his sweaty six pack. He squeezes out every last drop as he catches his breath.


In one of Grayson Lange's first scenes, Andy Taylor takes him to the beach for a little Q & A. After it's clear that the Helix rookie doesn't mind a little PDA, the two sneak off to a nearby cavern for a little cave time fun. Watch Andy stuff Grayson's face then see what happens as the two return to HS HQ for some serious seat-of-his-pants action & adventure!

Karlos Night, Tadeo Vega and Tommy Morris

When two men -- Tadeo Vega and Karlos Night -- come across each other in the gay Brazilian twink aisle in the adult video store they begin passionately making out. Tommy Morris sees the men making out and feels his cock start to get hard. After watching them Tommy decides to join in by kissing Karlos. Tommy, with a mouth full of Karlos, shares the fun with Tadeo. As Karlos licks and fingers Tadeo, Tommy pulls on his massive meat. Savoring Tommy’s meaty dick and Tadeo’s ass, Karlos was in heaven. Tadeo gets on his back in a black leather chair with Tommy straddling him and Karlos taking turns filling their manholes. Tommy is double penetrated from both ends. While enjoying a ride on Karlos’s big dick, Tommy blows his load deep in Tadeo. Just like the sexy Tommy, Tadeo rides Karlos till he climaxes. With help from Tadeo and Tommy, Karlos releases his cum on Tadeo’s back.

Smoking Hot Soldiers Sneak Outdoors For A Suck-&-Fuck Frenzy! HD

We’re not totally convinced that cigars come as standard issue for enlisters in the Czech army, but they’re clearly one little luxury that young recruits, Joel Vargas, and new boy, Kyle Willis, are determined to make the very most of. Not that anyone could possibly blame them for taking a break from a life of fighting and killing; and, finding a quiet corner of the woods to relax, these two horny fighters take a chance to enjoy the simple pleasures that only long, hard phallic objects can give a man.

Introducing Brad Chase

Introducing Brad Chase. Brad's a 19 year old academy kid who's bound to make your heart melt and everything else as stiff as a board. In this scene, our very own Long Dong Silver, Kody Knight breaks the ice with some introductory questions then it's off to someplace more comfortable to break that rookie in! See the initiation of one of Helix Studios' hottest new models as Kody Knight meats Brad Chase.

If the Throat Fails.. Use the Ass!

James Dixon has to be one of the biggest dicked young studs around, thick, nicely curved upwards and long enough to fill the mouth of a hot blond twink at the halfway point! Lucky Luckas Layton can’t believe the size as he struggles to take it down his throat, so when James places him in the doggy position, it’s all down to his ass to take it to the balls; and after a couple of thrusts, top fucker James makes that happen with ease! Holding Luckas’ ass cheeks open, we get to watch as James truly owns this twink, pulling his shoulder back and pushing his back down to arch his ass towards him, it’s a favourite position and one that gives the viewers the best angles to see this ass fucking action! James’ hairy chest and giant dick look perfect as he towers over the smooth blond twink, thrusting forward slowly and deliberately, making us all know he’s enjoying the pace and his conquest isn’t going to go anywhere until he’s finished!

Tryp Bates Fucks Ricky Roman! | Tube Clip

We've seen a new wave of CockyBoys recently -- Alex Mecum, Logan Moore, and of course Tryp Bates -- and now we're ready to start feeding them to some of our regular pups! This mixing and matching is of course one of the hottest experiments to watch, and who better to pair up Tryp Bates with than Ricky Roman?

Alex Granger and Billy Parker

Alex Granger and Billy Parker are enjoying a weekend getaway and there's no better way to get away from it all and relax than by sucking cock on the balcony of a retreat. Alex enjoys Billy's dick service, sighing and moaning until he decides to return the favor. Alex sucks on Billy for a bit before turning him around and working his raw, uncut dick inside the twink. Taking Billy bareback, or anyone for that matter, out in the open, where anyone can see you is a thrill that obviously turns on both of these piggies. Of course, Alex isn't all top. He likes a hard, throbbing dick up his ass almost as much as he likes to give. So, after a while, he stops fucking Billy and rides him until it's time to fuck Billy again, slamming him like a whore and spraying a load all over the curly-haired twink, seeding his hole, then leaving him with a cummy asshole before finally taking a huge cum facial.

Grayson Lange Solo

In this sexy solo spank sesh, we get some our our first glimpses of super cute newbie Grayson Lange. As you watch this adorable/edible eye candy undress, tease his boy button and wank away, he's sure to have you cumming back for more!

Abel's Orgy, Part 2

In Part 1 of Abel’s Orgy, Malcolm Dominguez got things going by feeding his boyfriend some cock while their buddies watched. Then, when he gave the okay, the others stepped in and, like troopers, fed Abel Rivera all the cock he could handle. Except they all wanted a piece of the pie — or in this instance, Abel’s hole — so Abel ended up with his sweet ass rimmed, then spit roasted and tag team fucked while his boyfriend stepped back and watched. The bareback twink is stuffed full of Latin dick from both ends and he takes it all raw, getting off on having his holes used. But after taking only one cock up his ass — and it’s a beauty! — he prefers to get on his knees and get his face fucked. The cum hound is soon rewarded with five fresh loads of DNA in a semi-bukake, semi-cum feeding/facial session, leaving the cock pig sated…for now.

Rock Out with Your Cock Out

If there's anything Jesse Montgomery & Jasper Robinson like as much music, it's a tight hole and a thick piece of tube steak. In this hot bareback flip fuck performance, we see that their taste in music is only rivaled by their taste for each other as these big boned American Idols rock out raw and you "don't wanna miss a thing!"

Thomas Fiaty and Jamie Oliver

Slim, lithe Thomas and handsome young Jamie Oliver clean the floor so well they could even... fuck on it! These boys waste no time in putting that theory into practice, and the skinny Thomas soon whips out an impressive dick, so hot you just want to reach in and suck it dry!! Unfortunately this is currently impossible, not least because its far too busy teasing Jamie’s tanned butt, getting it ever hungrier for the slick spit-lubed shaft to slide gently in. The toned, nicely built Jamie instantly tries to push back onto it and Tom is soon balls deep, building the rhythm in a personal favourite position, the pile-driver, giving him not only the best fuck feeling, but allowing us the hottest view of twink raw fucking!! As Tom grabs Jamie’s leg and opens his hole wide, the speed builds and the moans get louder and louder as the incessant fucking makes way for a cum covered ass, and body, Jamie’s tanned body covered in hot sticky spunk!!

Gabriel Clark Fucks Angel Cruz! | Tube Clip

There's just something so fucking sexy about sex in the shower. It's one of the most intimate, private places of our day-to-day lives. And to share that space with someone really amps up the bond you have with him. Angel Cruz has always had a fantasy of a hot fuck in the shower with Gabriel Clark, and lo and behold, his wish came true!

Frat House Dildo Buddies

Meeting your new roomie could go one way or the other, but luckily for Luke V, his new buddy is slim sexy and constantly horny Luke D! Dropping his stuff off on the floor and heading for a shower, Luke V disappears, not realising his bag of dildo goodness has opened and is within easy reach of Luke D! Before the shower is even turned on, he’s reaching down and grabbing the nearest one, sliding it inside his ever-hungry hole! Caught in the act, both these Luke’s decide to get to know each other very well, all with the help of giant dildo’s and of course giant dicks! Luke D’s long solid cock gets his first go into ass, and Luke V rides him like the cock hungry young man he is! Eager to please his roomie, they switch, and Luke V even gets double penetrated with a dildo plus dick! That’s determination and a talented young hole!

Bareback Boy Bound And Used - Carmen Delano And Jasper Robinson

Jasper wastes no time at all when he finds Carmen bound and ready to be fucked

A furious fucking - Kris Blent & Yuri Adamov

There’s an arguably controversial start to this scene – one that will no doubt draw a whole range of reactions and opinions in response – but fans of blond-haired twinks will no doubt be swept away by the charming talents of new boy, Kris Blent, all the same. Certainly STAXUS favourite, Yuri Adamov, seems to be very quickly enamoured of the lad – his (admittedly rather half-hearted) efforts to ignore the fellow’s advances soon evaporating in wake of Blent’s provocation.

Caleb King & JP Dubois Flip-Fuck! | Tube Clip

If you enjoy intense animalistic sex then this is the scene for you! Right from the start these boys cannot keep their hands off of each other. They both have sensitive nipples, big cocks, and a hungry sexual appetite that makes this scene extra special.

Star-Spangled Boner

In Nate Morgan's first scene with a partner, we couldn't ask for a better twink match made in America than Tyler Hill. This dynamic duo fog up the camera with some serious sucking face. Later, the universe aligns for Helix fans as Nate's boyish face meets Tyler's now famous hole and the magic doesn't stop there. Nate gives Tyler a stabbin' session that's every boy's dream and ends with an accidental facial that has Tyler Hill seeing stars!

Hot twink fuck - Ray Mannix & Roman Smid

It’s a world-first for STAXUS as Ray Mannix heads for his local drive-through McDonalds, having picked up his buddy, Roman Smid, from the nearby bus-stop. It marks an unusual, but curiously fascinating, start to what eventually proves to be a fantastic pairing; although the hardcore action doesn’t actually start until Mannix finally finds a quiet cul-de-sac, whereupon Smid whips out his cock from the confines of his sexy pants. It’s a move that’s only ever destined to have one effect on a lad like Mannix, who immediately dives down into his buddy’s lap so that he can slurp down every inch of meat on offer.

Blonds Have More Fun

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Riding Dirty

At the very young age of 18, Troy Ryan's one-eyed monster meat is already legendary. So when the opportunity arises to show it off to a cutie like Logan Cross, it's easy to see how one (or two) could easily get carried away. Watch this junior joyride go from mobile mouth-hug to limo-obscene as this duo goes to pound town and Troy leaves us with an unforgettable load for Logan.

Igor Medvet and Dima Cerny

While laying on the couch, Igor Medvet plays with his cock while watching,what we think is porn. But it turns out to be his hung, dark-haired buddy, Dima Cerny! Sitting on a chair, the big-dicked twink strokes like a fiend then stands, walks over to Igor and starts fucking his face. After a while, Dima’s gotta have some dick and goes down on Igor, then gets into a 69 position so both can have a go at the same time. Igor soon finds himself with his tongue buried in Dima’s ass and, after priming his buddy, shoves his fat cock inside that sweet raw hole and takes it for a ride. Igor fucks the cum out of Dima but doesn’t stop. He just bends him over and keeps on fucking before finally laying back, jerking off, and getting his face fucked by Dima.

Slave Nico Allowed To Cum - Nico Michaelson

After being used, young Nico is finally allowed to empty his balls, with help