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Cute as a button button & as horny as fuck – Two twinks suck cock, ride ass & jizz like geysers!

How else could you possibly describe Jaro Stone and Ryan Olsen other than being a pair of cute, fine-featured pups? Unless, of course, you’ve already seen them in action prior to this scene and you wanted to say that they’re a pair of cute, fine-featured and incredibly horny pups instead! For the simple fact is that each of these lads is the very epitome of horned-up youth, whose whole existence gravitates from one sexual encounter to the next.

Bareback Sock Fetish Boys - Benjamin Riley And Malachy Luciano

Benjamin and Malachy enjoy some sock fun before their hard bareback fuck

Say Hello To Hung Twink Danny - Danny Tatum

Big dicked boy Danny is only 18, but he knows what he likes and he's ready for action!

Riding with Kody

After a long day of riding bikes around town Kody Knight and Dylan Hall go inside to relax. Kody asks Dylan for a massage to help him unwind. It doesn't take long before Dylan notices Kody's nice bulge and takes his chance touching it. Dylan is then eager to have a taste and quickly puts it in his mouth. They partake in a hot 69 session that quickly leads Dylan wanting more. Kody gladly uses this opportunity to fill Dylan's tight twink hole causing him to bust his load. Kody follows by jerking his cock until he cums on his stomach and in Dylan's mouth. Starring: Dylan Hall, Kody Knight

Cuba Bartok and Peter Kyck

Cuba Bartok and Peter Kyck get their thrills by having sex near an open window. It turns them on to know that anyone walking by on the street, can look up and see them naked and making out. Cuba and Peter put on quite a show, with Peter sucking Cuba before the blond twink returns the favor. Then, with Cuba facing out the window, Peter buries his face in his buddy’s ass, tongueing his sweet pink fuckhole. Peter rims and spit lubes Cuba’s puckered starburst before penetrating him and fucking his ass right then and there. Anyone can look up at any moment and catch them in the act! And that’s the rush for these two bareback sex freaks. But when the thrill dies down and the urge to get off becomes stronger, the take their fucking to their stairs where they can use the different heights for deeper penetration and maximum pleasure before blowing their loads. Peter sprays his jizz all over Cuba’s ass and laps it up, enjoying the taste of his own seed. When Cuba is ready, he splatters his seed all over Peter’s face, lips, and tongue, and Peter happily, greedily savors the taste of his cum.

Interrupting the boss gets this horny twink the hard hitting fuck his useless ass deserves!

It’s a brave soul who can interrupt their boss mid-flow during an important telephone conversation and get away with it, but clearly young Tristan Wood is a guy with balls – excuse the pun! Of course, it helps when you’re an out-and-out harlot and have no quarms in using your sexual charms to win over your superior – as herein demonstrated by the young fellow, who deftly tackles Robin Sanchez’s natural (and totally understandable) annoyance by immediately reaching for his boss’ shirt buttons before heading south for a direct encounter with the older guy’s handsome ramrod!

Jasper Gets A Spit-Lubed Hole - Danny Tatum And Jasper Robinson

Sweet young Danny gives up his tight little ass for a spit-lubed fuck!

Two Toys For Horny Malachy - Malachy Luciano

On a rainy afternoon with the place to himself, Malachy knows how to keep himself entertained

A Bright Future

Liam Riley has been indulging his flirty mystic-temptress side to try and find true love. The hopeless romantic gets Lukas Grande to let him practice some of his new psychic powers on him and Liam wastes no time performing a little sexy and sensual magic on the college stud. Lukas is skeptical at first but it seems Liam really can see the future as the two young lovers end up in bed locked in a whimsical, bright affair. Starring: Lukas Grande, Liam Riley

Seb Evans

Seb has an undeniably unique look. Fair, ginger with gorgeous piercing blue eyes he’s got fashion model looks and is a real head turner. The former vegan has a really sweet soul, content, demure but with an absolutely insatiable sexual thirst, it’s no wonder he’s now in porn! A bottom boy at heart, Seb dreams of being tag teamed by a whole bunch of guys, all taking turns on his hot little arse. He pulls the most amazing facial expressions whilst getting fucked and can’t get enough, I’m sure he’s every dominant top guys fantasy too.

Chase Hunt steps out of the pool & buries his dick deep into his blond pal’s pert little ass-hole!

We’re not exactly sure why Chase Hunt insists on wearing a head-cap when he swims – he’s got cropped hair, after all – but maybe it’s something his mother drilled into him when he was growing up. Fortunately, it’s a fashion accessory that quickly gets tossed to one side when the youngster steps out of the pool to hook up with blond fuck-buddy, Sven Laarson – a fellow who clearly doesn’t see the point in unnecessary attire given the speed with which he proceeds to slip out of his speedos just a few moments later.

Toy Play Ans Cum Eating! - Elijah Young

Red headed twink Elijah looks so innocent, but this boy is a cum eating fiend!

Kinky Elijah Takes Control - Elijah Young And Max Andrews

Max has been a bad boy, but kinky young Elijah knows how to punish him!

Hot Shots

No one delivers the goods like your Helix Studios Hot Shots. With blond boys Stefan Nash, Max Carter and Mitch Hudson on duty the mission is to turn an ordinary "Behind the Scenes" photoshoot into a thrilling threesome! The young studs take turns pulling out their big guns and being top ace to teach their bottom buddy's tight holes a lesson. Live life in the fast lane with three of Helix's sexiest and most spontaneous models in an exhilarating scene that will take your breath away. Starring: Mitch Hudson, Stefan Nash, Max Carter

Dan Bix and Gary Farr

Dan Bix has an itch. It's an itch that is so deep inside it can only be scratched and satisfied by one thing. Cock. Big cock. And he finds just what he needs with dark-haired Gary Farr. But before Dan can take Gary's huge piece of meat, he satisfies a different craving‚ his hunger for cock. Unable to take the entire thing down his throat, Dan makes sure to work up his new fuck buddy by servicing the head, teasing and pleasuring the horny slender ex-military. Dan then offers up his own cock for Gary to suck, which he does, but Gary would much rather rim Dan's sweet, pink fuckhole. Once Dan is spit-lubed, Gary works the fat cock inside Dan, penetrating him deeper with this throbbing shaft and barebacking his yielding pucker until he's ready to blow his load. When he cums, Gary feeds his seed straight into Dan's mouth. The greedy cocksucker laps it all up, eating Gary's load until he blows his own, all over his smooth, flat belly.

Cute twink gets three cocks for the price of one – Not to mention oodles of pent-up cum!

They may not all play for the same side out on the pitch, but you can rest assured that when it comes to the antics that take place in the dressing room both before and after the match the likes of Skylar Blu, Luke Desmond, Jordan Fox and the irrepressible Paul Walker are all very much sucking off the same team-sheet! Indeed, there’s no questioning the oral skills of the ever-horny Blu during the opening minutes of this terrific fourway, as he quite literally takes on the blue team trio with all the gusto and enthusiasm that you’d expect from this cock-crazed pro.

Acrobatic Bareback Flip Fuck - Andy Kay And Malachy Luciano

Flip fucking bareback boys Andy and Malachy deliver an immense fuck show!

Twinky Double Sex Toy Fun! - Benjamin Rriley

Benjamin kicks back for a self-pleasuring session with a masturbator and an anal toy!

The Art of Breaking Up | Part 5: The Beginning

The big city becomes a fishbowl in this surprising conclusion to a city boys' love story. Evan returns from his retreat in a perpetual state of longing. His brother Alex Greene invites him to an art show along with his neighbor Liam Harkmoore where the three stumble upon a very interesting work of art. Turns out his ex-boyfriend Alex Jordan finally found his true inspiration from heartbreak. Watch to see what brings these two lovers together again in a fit of passion so intense that Evan and Alex can't help but sneak back to the gallery's office and physically reconnect. Starring: Evan Parker, Alex Jordan

Dimitry Borodin and Nick Daniels

Enjoy this Sweet and Raw Classic remastered and available for the first time in HD. Nick Daniels is practicing his piano skills when Dimitry Borodin walks in. Nick is soon practicing a completely different skill, one he's much better at! The smooth young men trade blow jobs before Dimitry turns Nick around and starts playing with his ass. Dimitry rims Nick's pink hole then shoves his raw cock inside the twink's tight ass, fucking him over the piano bench. The two then make sweet music together with all their moaning as Nick rides Dimitry raw, up and down, his cock bouncing and swinging like a metronome. After a while, Dimitry jumps on Nick's dick and his flops all around as he fucks himself on his buddy's throbbing shaft. Soon he pulls off and cums all over Nick's face and Nick soon follows with a big finish of his own.

Chased in the park, then fucked in the ass – Yuri gets every raw inch of Reed’s attention!

Chasing Yuri Adamov around and about in the local park and thrusting several water-bombs in his direction may be fun – it sure is fun to watch! – but for Jace Reed the real pleasure in the hunt is what comes afterwards when the two lads find themselves back in the privacy of home, where a thrusting of a very different order can take place! Not that Reed takes such direct advantage of Adamov’s sweet-natured vulnerability when the lads are first seated together on the sofa.

Backstage Boner Loving Boys! - Benjamin Riley And Kyler Moss

Our star is hanging out backstage nervous about his performance, thankfully he has a friend to relax him

Cock Stroking In The Shower - Jason Valencia

Gorgeous young twink Jason enjoys an intense jerk off in this shower video

Picture Perfect

Flirty photographer Kody Knight knows how to work all the angles to get the shot he wants and when he sets his sights on the Luke Allen he sees a master piece of ass in the making. Kody uses his camera to undress Luke and capture the teen's trademark bright smile. To get Luke hard for the money shot Kody takes things into his own hands (and mouth) by going down on the tan twink. The picture perfect boys proceed to make love to the camera for a photo finish worth a thousand words. Starring: Kody Knight, Luke Allen

Dan Broughton and Ben Grey

Handsome fit stud Dan Broughton works up a sweat with highly sexed thick dicked lad Ben Grey in this sensational video with non stop action. With amazing chemistry from the start, the lads begin with passionate kissing and groping, both getting hard bulges in their shorts, then strip to their undies. Some nippleplay and bulge action, then down to some very hot sucking. They take turns deep sucking each others big uncut dicks in some great positions, with facefucking and deepthroat action too, theres loads of insanely hot oral, and the lads seem like they cant get enough of each other. Dan gives Ben's hole a good licking then fingers him as he pushes his throbbing veiny cock up between his legs. Desperate to fuck now, Dan first fucks Ben against the sofa, sliding his dick back and forth with long strokes, pulling Ben's arse cheeks apart to get more intense penetration, and Ben's cock throbs the entire time, moist with precum. Then Ben is on his back as Dan expertly pounds his hole again, giving him a very hot fucking for some time, till Ben cant hold off anymore, and his dick spray hot jizz all over his abs. Dan pulls out, then kneels over Ben and pumps out a great big spunk load over his chest. Unmissable!

Horny office boy gets to feel the full wrath of his boss’ cock when caught watching porn!

He’s a fully fledged member of Generation Sex – thanks to the filthy influence of the internet – so it should come as no surprise that Kai Alexander passes most (if not all) of his waking hours looking at porn on the web. Even the hours that he spends at work! Fortunately for this corrupted little youngster, he has a very understanding boss in the form of Dolan Wolf – a fine, suited, bearded bear of a man who takes full advantage of the situation when he finds Alexander watching unacceptable material on an office computer.

A Threesome Of Friendly Oral - Dakota White, Elijah Young And Ricky Hilton

Ricky has his dreams come true when Elijah and Dakota arrive for a suck session!

Bareback Lover Boys Bang Hard - Dakota White And Elijah Young

Elijah gets a rewarding face full of cum after barebacking the hot ass of his friend

Gimme the Towel!

Dustin Gold forgot to bring a towel to Ryker Madison's place and after taking a shower he finds the flirty twink holding the extra towel hostage. Ryker teases Dustin and tempts him out into the bathroom where he kisses the clean young stud all the way down to his impressive 8.5 inch cock. Dustin pulls on a condom before shoving his thick dick into Ryker's smooth ass for some erotic and hard pounding bathroom sex. They fuck standing up until Dustin moves Ryker to the floor to finish off the moaning boy. Starring: Ryker Madison, Dustin Gold

Javier and Terry, pt 2

Part 2 of 2. Javier is hard at work cleaning the pool as Terry lazes in the sun. Javier starts getting distracted as he notices Terry pulling on his cock in his pants. Pretending not to notices, Terry sheds his pants and hops in the pool for a swim. Terry paddles over to where Javier is working and yanks him into the pool. Tearing his shirt off and shoving his tongue into Javier's mouth, Terry wastes no time letting his intentions be known. In a flash, the two are out of the pool, getting to know each other a little better. Then they're back in the pool, cooling down while continuing to work each other over. Terry homes in on Javier's ass and in a couple of strokes is deep inside him. Javier takes a turn on Javier's ass. The two shoot all over each other and then hop back in the pool to wash off.

Blond beauty student gets a mega black cock stuffing courtesy of Devon LeBron!

Learning a new language can be a challenging task, so it’s always good to have a teacher or an enthusiastic fellow student who makes what can be a somewhat laborious process into something that’s a whole lot more fun. So everyone’s favourite blond beauty, Sven Laarson, really has struck the jackpot when he’s teamed up with Devon LeBron – a stud who clearly knows how to go the extra mile when it comes to educational theory. For LeBron understands that if a guy is going to remember the word for “cock” in another language, it’s best that he does so by experiencing the full extent of his dick’s potential for himself!

A New Home To Christen With Cum - Colby Kein And Jason Valencia

A bareback fuck and a hot self-facial for young Colby and his top Jason

A Cum-Inducing Solo Display - Chris Jett

Chris has a few sexy jack-off toys to play with in this excellent solo

Don't Tell Anyone

Secrets are only safe when you don't tell anyone. New boy Zac Stevens is fretting that he'll get in trouble at work after an intense car make-out with co-worker Evan Parker and he is desperate to maintain his innocent boy-next-door image. Evan reassures him that no one will find out about their office affair if they keep the secret between them. The boys proceed to head back to Zac's place to fuck the work day away in a carefree co-worker love romp. Starring: Zac Stevens, Evan Parker

James Lewis

Cute 18 year old newbie James Lewis puts on a great show here. With his blonde hair, blue eyes and boyish looks, he is a real cutie. He chats first, has a deep voice, talks about what he is into. Then the solo begins with some hot bulge groping as James plays with his nipples, Taking off his top he reveals a super tight ripped little six pack. Stripping down to his undies, he plays with his hard bulge, then takes off his undies, keeping his white socks on. His dick is a good size, and uncut, and he gives some horny foreskin and precum action. James starts fingering his hole slowly, making his cock really stiffen and throb, and he plays with it as he works his tight hole. Standing now, James jerks off a bit, then gives us some great hands free action as he plays with his nipples making his dick twitch. he jerks off some more, then goes back to the sofa, to lay back and play with his hole as he jerks off harder. he builds up quickly, his muscles tighten, and then his cock starts pumping out seriously powerful jets of hot spunk over him, its a massive cum explosion, some of it goes clear over his shoulder, the rest of it liberally sprays his chest and six pack. If you like fit twinks with tons of cum, you're in for a treat!

Stiff stud gets a locker room rub-down from his cute, cock-crazy, cum-loving masseur!

Injury is the biggest fear of any sportsman, so it’s little wonder that hunky Dan Broughton should seem a little concerned in his team’s locker-room when his back starts to niggle him. It’s just as well for him, therefore, that young Tristan Wood is on hand to give him a good old-fashioned rub-down – a task that the fresh-faced youth adopts with quite understandable enthusiasm. After all, who in their right mind wouldn’t want to run their fingers over Broughton’s toned, tattooed flesh?

Sliding Into A Raw Wet Ass - Benjamin Riley And Jacobey London

Gorgeous couple Benjamin and Jacobey share a wet and sticky bareback fuck

Introducing Sexy Bradley - Bradley Prescott

Check out new boy Bradley, answering some questions and stroking his tasty dick!

Happy Ending

The thought of hot jock Connor Maguire giving a strong armed sensual message to Liam Riley has the young boy hot and horny. Don't miss a second of this slippery and smooth jock-on-twink fuck fest complete with a Happy Ending :) Starring: Connor Maguire, Liam Riley

Fraser Jacs and Ricky Tudor

The end of the day is always the best part it, and working in a sauna is no different. Host Fraser still has the horn and it’s easy to see why with the perfectly defined French lad Ricky waiting around. Smooth chest, perfect pecs and abs you just want to lick (not to mention is big solid dick) he’s an ideal guy to end the working day on, and Fraser jumps to it, working his shaft down his throat. Moving to his smooth ass, he gets it slick with spit, eating out what must be the tastiest hole in this movie before it’s all change and Fraser is bent double taking Ricky all the way! This slim young man looks like a bottom, but fucks like a pro-top, fucking Fraser into the sofa, pinning his legs apart to gain maximum depth, both faces obviously loving this final fuck.

Kinky fun for two hairless beauties results in a flip flop fuck & lashings of hot twink cream!

STAXUS exclusive, Mike James, shows us the kinkier side to his personality in the company of fellow sex-addict, Shane Hirch. The truth of the matter is that you’re gonna be hard pressed to choose between these two beauties – both lads being almost as fucking gorgeous as the other – but the good news for each and every one of us is that you simply don’t have to choose.

A Hard Fuck For The New Boy - Andy Kay And Bradley Prescott

Andy knows how to welcome a new boy like Bradley to the Bare Twinks family!

A Very Well Equipped Boy! - Danny Tatum

Danny is very well prepared for his detention, with a dildo and a sounding rod!

Wash My Back?

Liam Riley hits the showers to wash up for the evening but when he can't quiet reach a spot on his back he calls on Dustin Gold for a helping hand. The teens proceed to get cleaned up in the shower before really getting down and dirty back in the bedroom. Dustin kisses and licks every inch of Liam's smooth, spotless body until he arrives at his ass where he plays with the tan boy's tight hole in preparation for his big dick. The two studs work up a sweat fucking long and hard until Dustin has given Liam everything he can handle and pulls out to finish on his back leaving the sexy twink dripping in gold. Starring: Dustin Gold, Liam Riley

Milan Breeze and George Plozen

This video is rather kinky and wild. Milan Breeze and George Plozen are two horny guys who meet because they have the same sexual interest, which is sex on a sling. It happens that George knows the perfect place to act out their fantasy. Milan is hornier than ever, finding it hard to believe that his ultimate sexual fantasy will become reality soon. Once they get there, they secure the sling on the ceiling. The sex then begins. George lies on his back, on the sling, as Milan worships his body. Obviously, Milan loves sucking George's juicy hard dick. Steady flow of precum keep oozing out from the narrow cock slit. While giving his friend a blowjob, Milan keeps masturbating himself. However, sucking is not enough to make Milan cum. He needs to fuck George's ass, hard!

Skylar Blu gets fisted, fucked & jizzed in the face by a horny, big-dicked stud!

We’ve all known for a long time that Skylar Blu is an insatiable bottom – a boy who quite simply lives to be fucked and to have his ass-hole stretched on a nigh-on permanent basis. But sometimes – as on this occasion – his appetite for a good old-fashioned anal pounding astounds even those of us who’ve become almost numbed to his antics!

Meet Cute Young Red Head Elijah - Elijah Young

Sweet and cute outdoorsy twink Elijah loves adventure and seeks out new experiences

Taking A Deep Cum Load! - Dakota White And Jason Valencia

Jason fucks and seeds his lover Dakota, before taking his hot wad in his face

Hot Tubbin

The perks of being muscle jock Connor Maguire at the Helix Mansion: all the twinks want to suck your cock. Sasha Peterson knows he has to pull out all the stops to get a piece of that thick dick and decides to deep throat him with an audacious underwater blow job. Connor compliments Sasha on his snorkeling skills before peeling off the young boy's swimsuit to pound his smooth, slippery ass. These wild things fuck all over the pool with Sasha moaning after each strong stroke. Starring: Sasha Peterson, Connor Maguire

Seb Evans

Appearing for the first time on camera, handsome blue eyed fittie, Seb Evans, chats first, telling us about what he is into and how he keeps fit. The solo begins with Seb taking off his sports vest to reveal his killer body, spectacular ripped abs, broad shoulders, tight pecs and strong muscular legs. Taking off his shorts, he rubs his bulge, then removes his undies, leaving him in just his football socks and shin pads. Jerking off, he gets his uncut dick hard, shows it off to the camera, rubbing spit into the head. tensing his hard body, Seb gets into some horny jerk off action. Changing position, with his legs back, arse to camera, Seb starts fingering himself, with one finger, then two, then three, giving his hole a real good stretching. Next, he uses a butt plug to open his hole up a bit more, then lubes up a big thick dildo and inserts it, to really stretch his hole to the max. He fucks himself slowly with it, then speeds up, giving his hole a punishing workout. Seb gets back to jerking off again, slowly building up. As he gets close his muscles tense and tighten. Then his dick starts squirting out his hot spunk pretty hard, shooting up to his pecs, with more jets of cum spraying out over his ripped abs. Awesome.

Fresh-faced blond-boys give it all their fuckin’ worth with a spunktastic raw fuck!

They’re both as cute as new buttons, but don’t be fooled by either Chase Anderson or Alan Benfelen – behind all that ravishingly hot blondness there’s a whole tornado of sexual tension that is just desperate to be released! That’s clearly not something that’s going to bother our fans a great deal, if has to be said; and their prompt abandonment of dumbbells in favour of hardcore cock action is hardly going to be greeted with anything but a collection sigh of relief!

Cum-Eating Solo Boy Ryan - Ryan Daley

Ryan scoops up his hot cum after jacking his uncut cock and fucking himself with a toy!

A Bareback Cum Splashing Load - Danny Tatum And Jason Valencia

Danny and Jason share a cummy hot mess after bareback fucking deep and hard

The Return of Max Carter: DP Edition

Max Carter celebrates his return to Helix Studios with a threeway featuring the handsome Jacob Dixon and hot underclassman Kody Knight. There is the obvious excitement in the eyes of Jacob Dixon as Max turns to kiss him and Kody goes straight for his package. Kody and Jacob get mega turned-on on by Max's ripped body. They've studied Max's work and know exactly where his hot buttons are. Max is ready to take both boys' raging cocks and goes into down-dog for Jacob then takes a bareback ride on Kody Knight's cock. It hurts so good when Max takes his first dose of double dicks from his new buddies making this a jaw dropping, condom-free comeback. Starring: Jacob Dixon, Max Carter, Kody Knight

Dimitry Borodin, Chester Pool and Enrico Sanchez

Dimitri Borodin and Chester Pool are having a swim, watching Enrico Sanchez tease them as he showers and jerks off. Soon they join Enrico in the shower and the three of them take turns showing off their oral talents; 1-on-1, while the other watches, then 2-on-1. These slender young men know how to share and there's enough big, uncut dick to go around! Dimitry gets his pretty ass rimmed and his hole stretched by Chester's thick cock while sucking Enrico. Then Enrico gets behind Chester and penetrates him balls-deep. With Chester now in the center, a hot bareback sandwich ensues until Chester decides to ride Enrico. Straddling the big cock, he bounces up and down as Enrico sucks Dimitri. Chester lets loose with a load then Enrico cums all over his hole while Dimitri sprays all over the side of Enrico's neck and chest. This twink bareback scene is newly remastered in HD for maximum enjoyment, and is now tablet friendly!

Billy Rubens gives his study buddy something to remember – Eight inches of hard cock up his ass!

Billy Rubens is bored – and no fuckin’ wonder! Having your head in a book all day is not exactly the most stimulating activity, after all. Never one to just sit around and suffer in silence, however, he’s soon pestering Sam Kirby – a young British Asian lad – to engage in some less-traditional studies, which (initially, at least) Kirby holds out against. But as we all know, Rubens is a determined sod, and before you know it he’s eagerly ripping into his mate’s clothes like a fellow possessed!

Foot Loving Bareback Twinks - Benjamin Riley And Billy London

After a little foot worship, bottom boy Benjamin takes a bareback ride on Billy!

Welcome Arizona Boy Cody! - Cody Walker

Sexy and slim young Cody is a fiery redhead with a great dick and a hot ass

Rise and Shine

Rise and shine with smooth college boys Andy Taylor and Lucas Owens as they enjoy some sexy morning glory. It's always top of the morning when Andy wakes up horny and needs a bottom boy to satisfy his morning wood. The dreamy Lucas Owens obliges taking every inch of Andy's prefect cock. Starring: Andy Taylor, Lucas Owens

Ryan Young and Bradley Cox

Usually active only, Bradley was a bit anxious about getting fucked for the first time on camera, but he really had a thing for Ryan Young, who is active only. And after alot of thought, decided to go for it. Starting off with kissing, nippleplay and groping, both lads reach inside each others sport shorts and pull out their swelling cocks, and play with each other. Ryan is already rock solid, but hung Bradley is a grower. They take turns sucking each other on their knees, and then Ryan lays back on the sofa to get sucked again, tons of very hot oral action. Then Ryan takes his time opening Bradleys very tight hole, with deep, gentle fingering. For the first fuck position the lads are on the floor, spooning, Ryan goes in slow and gentle as Bradley grits his teeth. gradually he builds up as he fucks him, and Bradleys dick looks pretty hard towards the end. Next, Bradley leans against the sofa as Ryan stands behind him to give him a harder, deeper fuck. Bradley is on his back for a final fucking, and his dick throbs now as Ryan slides his meat in and out, till it makes Bradley squirt a really good load of jizz over himself. Ryan pulls out and Bradley jerks him briefly, quickly making him cum, as he shoots his spunk out over Bradley chest. Hot stuff.

Young gym-boy gets persuaded to suck dick & fuck his buddy’s raw, hungry hole!

It’s not surprising that spending so much time working out in a dark, sweaty environment with only other guys for company can leave some men feeling the need for an even more intimate experience. Marcel Lavrov being one of them, as he abandons his aerobics on a workbench so that he can persuade Ariel Varga to engage in a one-to-one session that neither lad (or you!) are likely to forget in a hurry.

Furry Lovers Frantic Fucking - Cody Walker And Jason Valencia

Furry fan boys Cody and Jason share a frantic bareback twink fuck in the bedroom

Ass Play And Exhibitionism - Bradley Prescott

Bradley enjoys a little exhibitionism before returning to the bed room to enjoy his ass

Strip Pool

Jacob Dixon and Dylan Hall fight off the afternoon boredom with a friendly game of strip pool. Dylan adorably removes his shoes while smiling brightly at his frisky competitor while Jacob reciprocates by sliding out of his tight jeans. As more and more clothes come off the big dick boys know the real game is on! Both smooth studs find themselves bare and ready for some frisky playtime as they go after each other's balls. Dylan makes sure to chalk up Jacob's 9" stick before getting slammed on the pool table in a boy-on-boy Game Room fuck fest. Starring: Dylan Hall, Jacob Dixon

Kai Cruz, Kyle Price, Tony Parker & Andy O'Neill

These horny twinks never stop fucking, wherever they are, if they see a sexy lad, they drop to their knees and get to work. Kai and Tony have a sneaky bit of fun behind a tree but are soon caught by Kyle and Andy as they chill out by the pool. Joining in the fun, the two duos are soon swopped around countless times as every hot boy enjoys deep anal pounding. Kai's dick is at its best when we see it really going for it inside his mate Kyle, his balls slapping his butt and the fountain of cum as it sprays all over his heaving body.

Hungry For That Bareback Dick! - Benjamin Riley And Bradley Prescott

Benjamin needs some raw dick bad, and his buddy Bradley has enough to satisfy!

Big Dicked Bator Boy Cody - Cody Walker

Cody enjoys a good long jack off and some hot ass play to get that load out

An apple a day helps the cocks cum your way – As the divine yuri adamov discovers!

Who’d have thought that the gorgeous Yuri Adamov was such a sweet seducer? Armed with nothing more than an apple, he’s more than capable of winning the attention of young Chase Hunt – in a coupling that deliberately harks back to Eve’s seduction of Adam in the opening chapters of the Bible. In that particular instance, of course, the result was a whole load of trouble. In contrast, Hunt’s eager acceptance of Adamov’s come-on leads to a whole load of cock-straining, ball-busting fun! Indeed, it doesn’t take many minutes before both lads are out of their pants and slurping away on all the deliciously hard dick that’s hidden inside.

Phoenix Heat for Three

The Helix Boys descend on Phoenix Pride to put their colorful personalities, smooth bodies and firm booties on full display. The festivities kick off with the models signing autographs and mingling with fans but things in the desert really start to heat up when Andy Taylor, Jessie Montgomery and Kody Knight decide to turn their poolside photo shoot into a full-blown flirt and make out session. Once the studs whip out their dicks the party moves inside where they get to work exchanging hand jobs, blow jobs and rim jobs. Andy is the first one to offer up his ass to his friends and slowly eases his way on to Kody's big college cock. The fierce thrusting threeway gets so hot and heavy that Andy can't help but cum in Jessie's mouth with Kody pounding away. The blond boy licks up Andy's cum before jumping on his still throbbing dick for a bouncy twink fucking threesome. After all the sweating and hard pounding Andy and Kody get a sweet release by cumming on Jessie's beautiful smiling face. Starring: Andy Taylor, Kody Knight, Jessie Montgomery, Liam Riley, Ian Levine

Javier and Terry, pt 1

Part 1 of 2. Javier is hard at work cleaning the pool as Terry lazes in the sun. Javier starts getting distracted as he notices Terry pulling on his cock in his pants. Pretending not to notices, Terry sheds his pants and hops in the pool for a swim. Terry paddles over to where Javier is working and yanks him into the pool. Tearing his shirt off and shoving his tongue into Javier's mouth, Terry wastes no time letting his intentions be known. In a flash, the two are out of the pool, getting to know each other a little better. Then they're back in the pool, cooling down while continuing to work each other over. Terry homes in on Javier's ass and in a couple of strokes is deep inside him. Javier takes a turn on Javier's ass. The two shoot all over each other and then hop back in the pool to wash off.

Big Dicked Bareback Boys - Cody Walker And Danny Tatum

Cody and Danny are perfectly suited with their love of cock and their considerable inches!

Interviewing Sexy Leo Long - Leo Long

Cute and sporty Leo has a fit body and a great cock to share with the guys

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John Magiati and Tom Spatter

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